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Technology & Application Strategy

Services designed for organizations who are either behind the times or struggling with their current application architecture. Our unique approach integrates deep business and industry experience with technology best practices to help determine the best path forward. Our strategy engagements produce far more than standard assessments. ERP Technology Partners will provide you with analysis of your current state, a template for potential future state, risk and cost analysis, as well as a roadmap for achieving the targets we work with you to define.

In conjunction with application strategy, ERP Technology Partners can help evaluate enterprise software options that will support your defined strategy. Moving to a new enterprise resource planning “ERP”, customer relationship management “CRM”, supply chain management “SCM”, human resource information system “HRIS” or other large application requires more than simply mapping business needs to software capability. We will help to identify the necessary integration of existing or future stand-alone systems, the need for reengineering or standardization of business processes, the organizational impacts, and provide a true assessment of the potential cost and risk of acquiring, implementing, and maintaining a new system.


Business Transformation

Digital transformation is often driven by an overriding business transformation or need. Likewise, enterprise-level technology initiatives will induce changes across the business that need to be managed and optimized. We help our clients to integrate both angles and to define, realize, and enhance their businesses as part of a digital transformation. Our business services ultimately focus on the integration of people, process, and technology.


Operational & Technical Readiness

We are taught at a young age to look both ways before crossing the road. Still, many companies charge head-on into an ERP implementation or other enterprise-level technology initiative without considering the full impacts to its customers, team members, budget, and operations. We will help to ensure that your business and stakeholders are ready before stepping onto the digital transformation roadway.

Enterprise Application Implementation

We bring the experienced functional and technical resources needed for a successful implementation. Supporting the full life cycle of an ERP or related enterprise software integration, we provide program and project management, integration, and data management services, as well as application development, testing, and training.


Project Audit, Recovery & Quality Assurance

We also provide Project Audit, Recovery & Quality Assurance services for companies that are mid-stream through an implementation. Everyone knows ERP implementations are not easy. Sometimes they don’t go as planned, often management is not provided clarity on the true status of an implementation, and it is always recommended to have an experienced team looking over your shoulder. ERP Technology Partners brings support in assessing, fixing, and ensuring project success.